Frill Texture theft

Hello Frill_Designs,

i am sorry to say i will be retiring from designing, as i have disappointed many of my buyers. I guess the greed of me wanting tbux so bad got to me so i began to steal texture from other designers to make tbux, and in some cases i was parting my legs for sexual activities to make tbux.

I guess this dates back to my whore days when i had a serious problem where im addicted to aparting my legs in a sexual pleasure from random rotten old men, who ive never met in my life.

I guess i got sick of the aged penis so i began to meet up with few 13 year old boys from i then forced myself on them, whilst there parents are at work. sorry to all my friends ive disppointed

please remove your self from my Frill_Designs and dont buy my products because i was stealling texture it all came from my husband not giving me the cock i needed so i turned to my old self when i was a gutter slut on jerry springer im sorry to the little kids ive touched over the years from but i couldnt stop myself.